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“ ... the gift of making whatever they’re playing seem the most important piece in the world,”

- The Gramophone

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Three World Premiere Recordings Released in 2009

2009 | Shadowed Narrative (will be released at the end of the year)

  1. Label: Innova Recordings

  Works will include: Shadowed Narrative (1978) by Roger Reynolds

                                  TASHI Quartet (1978) by Peter Lieberson

   Made possible by the Aaron Copland Recording grant and a private donation.

2009 | Digital Loom

  1. Label: MSR Classics

  Works include: Red River (2007)* by Mason Bates

   *Commissioned for Antares by the Greenwich Music Festival, CT.


2006 | Time After Time

  Label: Bridge Records

  1. Works include: Marches by Fred Lerdahl

2004 | Eclipse

  1. Label: Innova Recordings

  2. Works include:    Eclipse (1995) by George Tsontakis

  3.                             Breakdown Tango (2000)* by John Mackey     

  4.                             Buzz (2001) by James Matheson

  5.                             SIMAKU (1997)* by Kevin Puts

  6.                             Antares (2003)* by Carter Pann

  7.                             dodecaphunphrolic (1997)* by Stefan Freund.

   Made possible by the Aaron Copland Recording grant and a private donation.

   *Commissioned for Antares.


•  Dreams of Orpheus by Matthew Tommasini

   Commissioned for Antares by Music in the Loft

   Premiered in Chicago, November 22, 2008


• Colloquial Stanzas by Joel Puckett

  1. Premiered in Westport CT, August 15, 2008

• Canticle of Creation by Cal Stewart Kellogg

   Premiered in St. Bonaventure, NY, February 26, 2008

  1. Anatomy of Melancholy by James Matheson

  2. Premiered in Westport, CT, February 8, 2008

  1. Red River by Mason Bates

  2. Premiered at the Greenwich Music Festival, CT June 3, 2008

  1. Antares by Carter Pann

  2. Premiered at the Kennedy Center, 2004

  3. Commissioned by a private donate through Concert Artists Guild

  1. Breakdown Tango by John Mackey

  2. Premiered at the Joyce Theater in collaborations with Parson Dance Company.

  3. Choreographer, Robert Battle

  4. 2001


recordings  (click image below to purchase)


Washington Post   |  May 17,  2008 

by Stephen Brooks

                “...this was an utterly commanding performance, technically superb

                 and radiant with otherworldly majesty.  All played with exceptional insight

Cincinnati Post   |  Dec 7,  2006 

by May Ellyn Hutton

                “It was not only the gripping program that made this one of the chamber

                music events of the year. The prize-winning quartet inhabited the music in

                an extraordinary way, achieving their expressive ends through superb

                individual and corporate means and the most scrupulous ensemble precision.

The Gramophone   |  July,  2005 

by Ken Smith

               “....fearlessly irrepressible energy



Download a  full set of reviews by clicking the pdf icon.  Pdf file contains six concert and four CD reviews.


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